Which Costs are Excluded by Procure Software?

Woman is using procure to pay software
Source: Expenzing

There are many expenses which are overlooked by expense management software. They are not paid by the company. Let us have a look at those:

  • Forgery: A person who is travelling outside is required to produce the bills which he or she has paid during the course of stay in distant regions. In case the person fails to produce the bills in original, no money is paid. In many cases, which has been taken to court in past days, and which may still arise in future, people try to take extra money from the company by producing wrong bills which he never incurred while staying abroad. Procure software is extremely intelligent. It can easily find out the reality and thus makes the work of the management easier. When there is any case of forgery then it is revealed easily.
  • Extra Shopping: In case a person is a shop alcoholic, he or she might incur heavy debt on shopping by paying through credit card. This is something that is not included in the expense list of the company while it sends employees outside for the sake of business. Therefore, the company is not liable to spend the extra amount of money for the employee. Moreover, a person should not be so callous as to spend a great deal shopping while he is out for a business trip, and show the bill to the respective company, expecting a money return. One can go for shopping, but that is his personal choice and he is supposed to bear the cost himself.
  • Extra Entertainment Cost: In not so well off companies, people generally get the lodging and food charges. But they do not offer any sort of entertainment cost. Entertainment cost include movie show tickets which might be rejuvenating for the employee, extra wine or food charges that might be incurred by a person while he dines out in some very expensive place with his colleagues or friends. There are charges on other things like night clubs and sightseeing tours which a person might like to have but the company in no way responsible to bear these costs.

The advanced form of software called Procure Software has a fixed data. From that data it can analyze whether the costs incurred by the employee falls within the boundary of payment or is it outside that boundary. In case, the expenses incurred by an employee falls outside the payment zone, and then the company does not refund the money. All the above cases are extremely valid in determining whether or not to pay for any cost.

It is humanly not possible to determine such things, and even if it is done, errors creep in. There might be some sort of partiality or some personal causes or hidden causes involved. But software knows no such sentiment. It believes in transparent data analysis and thus doles out an equally impersonal and transparent result.