5 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

Cannabis Tincture Canada
Source: Leafly

While smoking is the most popular and traditional method of consuming cannabis, not everybody likes it. And people with lung problems might not be able to do this. The stigma associated with smoking might be stopping a lot of people from giving cannabis a try even if they live in a state where marijuana is legalized for personal use. Over these years, a number of ways to consume cannabis have evolved. Whether you are looking for a healthier way to smoking or interested in trying newer methods for different experiences, here are some of the most recommended smoke-free cannabis consumption methods.

1. Edibles

An obvious alternative to smoking is trying cannabis infused food items and beverages. The market of THC edibles is expanding quickly and today, you can infuse almost anything that uses oil or butter. It is also possible to make your cannabutter at home and use them in recipes. However, you can find a wider range of options at online stores. You might have already decided to give these products a try but remember to start with a low dose and go slow. As edibles go through the digestive tract, they can take longer to show effects and the duration of effects is longer. 

2. Vaporizing

You don’t always need a lighter to enjoy cannabis; the components of cannabis vaporize at a lower temperature, providing a less harmful experience. The taste of vaped cannabis is preferable over smoke and it is healthier for lungs and throat. You can visit offline and online dispensary to find some of the latest vape devices. Larger vaporizers offer high-quality vapor and come with temperature settings while portable devices like vape pens let you enjoy a puff wherever you go. Choices are unlimited if you choose to try the smoke-free method of cannabis consumption. 

3. Ingestible Oils

These are concentrates taken orally. Ingestible oils generally come in the form of capsules or pills which can be directly consumed. They can also be added to food items and drinks. Just like THC edibles, ingestible oils produce powerful effects that take some time to start so one should be careful about dosing these products. 

4. Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are liquids produced using extracts of the compound using solvents like alcohol. They are used by dropping under the tongue where they are absorbed into the bloodstream instantly. They are different from infused foods and oils in that their effects are fast-acting and you can control the dosage better. You can choose from a wide variety of products in different potencies, flavors and contents suiting specific requirements and preferences. 

5. Topicals

Cannabis topicals are infused creams, lotions and ointments applied directly on the skin to get localized relief from pain, inflammation, aches and soreness. A distinct feature of topicals is that they treat symptoms without any psychoactive effects. These products are therefore ideal for those who want clear-headed benefits of cannabis and want to stay away from the natural taste of the herb. When it comes to skin care, Magic Mushrooms Canada can be pretty magical, which is why they’ve been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Apart from these methods, there are various forms of cannabis available offline and online to help you try different techniques to benefit from this supplement.